Tuesday, March 29, 2011

S.S. France and Multiple Choice Options

Daniel C. Four possible multiple choice options

1. Barry Tomalin's ECOLE stands for:

a. easterly/cruise/onboard/lifting/embark
b. establish/consider/organize/liberté/égalité
c. expectations/communication/organisation/leadership/etiquette


2. The questions, "What will the students be able to do?/How will you know they can do it?" concern:

a. communicative learning
b. task-based learning
c. process-product learning

3. Influences to business English learning include:

a. guided discovery/dogma(e)/total physical response
b. the silent way/lexical approach/I just make things up
c. all of the above

4. According to Pete Sharma blended learning...

a. can be defined in many different ways.
b. can only take place in the classroom.
c. always requires course textbooks.

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