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Free Trade Pact with U.S. is Unlikely, ASEAN Official Says

Free Trade Pact with U.S. is Unlikely, ASEAN Official Says
(International Herald Tribune)

The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations probably will not reach a free trade agreement with the United States, Secretary General Ong Keng Yong said Monday in Singapore.
"I don't think we can have an FTA with the U.S.," Ong said in a speech at an American Chamber of Commerce lunch. "The U.S. is terribly distracted by other things, especially in the Middle East."

The United States signed a trade and investment framework agreement with Asean in August 2006 that was aimed at lifting economic ties with the region, and possibly leading to a free trade deal in the future.

"At some point, we could build toward an Asean-wide FTA," the U.S. trade representative, Susan Schwab, said in an interview published Monday in the Singaporean newspaper Straits Times. "I do not think any of us has ruled that out. But at this stage of the game, it is premature talking about it."

U.S.-Asean ties are not at a low point, even though Washington's top representatives are skipping two major Asean-initiated events in the next few weeks, Ong said. Support from the United States, Asean's largest source of foreign direct investment, is crucial for the region's political stability, he said.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will not attend a security and foreign policy meeting with Asean in Manila next week, Ong said. He also confirmed that President George W. Bush would miss a meeting of the 10 Asean leaders in Singapore in September.

Bush had planned to stop over in Singapore en route to an Asia-Pacific Forum session in Australia. But the White House said last week that the meeting with Asean leaders would be rescheduled for "a future date."

Ong said a free trade agreement with China was on track to be completed in 2010, and officials were attempting to complete a chapter on investment this year that would create the world's largest free trade area.

Asean is planning to create its own free trade area, or AFTA, by 2010, with European Union-style economic integration - but not a single currency - by 2015.

Asean ministers will meet in Manila this week to try to agree on a legal and binding charter on their members' conduct, a document that also will call for the promotion of human rights and democracy.

Ong said Monday that the draft of the document was 90 per cent complete. It will not include a provision for sanctions on its members, he said.

Formed in 1967, Asean's members now are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Asean's combined annual GDP is around $1 trillion.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Land Sea Epsiodes Now On Line

"Land and Sea in the Maritimes and Land and Sea in Newfoundland have joined forces to bring you a united series of stories from Atlantic Canada.

For more than thirty years Land and Sea has brought you stories from people who live off the land and the sea. Today we cover issues that affect people in rural communities which ultimately affect those in cities as well.

We bring you stories from those who celebrate life living close to nature, who promote and protect their culture and traditional ways of doing things. There are stories of success and sometime failures that portray the unique way Atlantic Canadians deal with the challenges and pleasures of living on the east coast."

Watch FRONTLINE Online

"Since January 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television's - PBS - flagship public affairs series. Hailed upon its television broadcast debut as "the last best hope for broadcast documentaries," FRONTLINE's stature over 23 years is reaffirmed each week through incisive documentaries covering the scope and complexity of the human experience.

When FRONTLINE was born, however, the prospects for television news documentaries looked grim. Pressure was on the network news departments to become profitable, and the spirit of outspoken journalistic inquiry established by programs like Edward R. Murrow's "See It Now" and "Harvest of Shame" had given way to entertainment values and feature-filled magazine shows. Therefore, it fell to public television to pick up the torch of public affairs and continue this well-established broadcast news tradition.

Since its inception, FRONTLINE has never shied away from tough, controversial issues or complex stories. In an age of anchor celebrities and snappy sound bites, FRONTLINE remains committed to providing a primetime venue for engaging documentaries that fully explore and illuminate the critical issues of our times. FRONTLINE remains the only regularly scheduled long-form public-affairs documentary series on American television, producing more hours of documentary programming than all the commercial networks combined."

Spirituality in Business?

I did study literature (long ago) and do still have a fondness for reading to make linkages in patterns and symbols relevant to the path of decision and as it relates to business. A similar type of future oriented contingency planning may be useful on an individual or personal level. I cannot read your future but I can in some ways explain the opportunities and options available in a growing array of fields due to online learning accessibility.

Rita MacNeil sets the mood for my modest discourse here accompanied by, "The Men of the Deeps" in her most famous anthem, "Working Man." It is a favourite of many Maritimers. Also here is more of Canada's Cape Breton icon, Rita MacNeil I come from Canada's education province. It would be remiss for me to neglect a sales pitch for Canada's best quality of life, lowest cost of living and crime rates, and friendliest people. The colleges and universities in Nova Scotia are among the oldest in North America mostly because it was one of the earliest settled regions and of a uniform leading quality, low teacher to student ratios and educational options.

Canada's Education Province: Nova Scotia

The Trailer Park Boys: The Underbelly of Nova Scotia, Canada's Education Province

(Seriously) Canada's Education Province

These and other universities in Canada are of a nearly uniform quality of education across the country and their entry into online learning or e-learning options have been much slower than Australia for example but they represent quality, cost-effective options for independent studies at The Canadian Virtual University. Investigating other price and quality options is problematic especially when evaluating the global e-learning options from country to country which represent the same kinds of regional and professional differences present in the business world. Two websites which address options and are worth researching to explore possibilities are Jonnie's Distance Learning Page or Accelerated Online Master's Degrees My own standard measure of education relates to the three points philosophy on rock climbing. As in, evaluation should minimally address three factors: duration, location, and pricing.


Once you have selected a possible specification across institutions, countries and standards you are able to get a sense of the general field versus the shortest or longest options. What you are looking for in particular is flexibility in the timing of the courses as in the possibility that you might accelerate a generally taken course either through extra studies at specific times of the year when you have more free time or the possible transfer to on campus or full-time designations. Taking the time to assess it right gives a really good sense of available time options.


Many global institutions have or are developing regional educational hubs or branch campus locations in teaching-friendly countries like Singapore, Dubai and Qatar. Selecting a distance option which has a further regional attendance option upon offer of local employment is an extremely astute method of gathering income and educational benefits.


Dependant on regional accreditation agencies the possiblity to attend low-cost courses at a fairly unknown school with transfer to a better, more expensive school in the USA is extremely good. Price comparison shopping should have an eye for the range of prices in a particular field. Basically exploring these three points over a period of months or years gives you a fairly clear view of the opportunities and benefits attendant in a particular course of study from a global perspective.

Best Value/Quality for Money Players in the States

Depending on your possible graduate studies options you may choose to pursue certificate programs which either introduce a topic of possible greater later interest or as often is the case following a post-graduate option provide a more specified snapshot of an area of current interest. As I am interested in business I can exemplify with my on current processes.

1. Cornell University (eCornell)

This is the biggest and most inclusive of the Ivy League schools and its online course offerings are nearly unparalleled as far as pricing, options and accessiblity as well as global recognition. Access to eCornell is however limited to certain options mostly in management and administration most probably based on their long experience in the delivery mode. Also thse are the most likely fields which provide such educational options to their employees. eCornell thus has a high profile.

2. The University Alliance

The boom and crash brought out lots of the kinks in online learning and while schools like The University of Phoenix claim a lot of satisfaction from their graduates I tend to prefer schools with a long history on the ground to legitimize the learning. The University Alliance does provide several quality institutions albeit again mostly in business.

3. Fathom: The Source for Online Learning

This is an archive provided by Columbia University which offers access to a complete range of free content developed for Fathom by member institutions. These include online learning resources, including lectures, articles, interviews, exhibits and free seminars. There are also additional online resources from Columbia University at or and from the members of the Fathom Consortium at their own websites. It might prove quite useful in exploring possible future studies options and at the same time completion of the seminars for example can build a legitimate educational record on your CV fairly easily.

4. MIT: Open Courseware

MIT is only one of many high profile institutions which offer free and open educational resources (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world. MIT OCW is a publication of MIT course materials, requires no registration, is not a degree-granting or certificate-granting activity and does not provide access to MIT faculty.

5. Boston University Online

This is another pretty good institution with a variety of fairly sober business type courses. For example, Boston University offers several interesting looking certificates like this one in entrepreneurship.

6. Thunderbird

Repeatedly ranked the best, Thunderbird offers a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility which might be of interest to flavour a possible opening into the study of business for anyone with an interest, pathos and concern for ethics in business.

Decision Strategies

Roger Whittaker: I Don't Believe In If Anymore

I think applying business strategies to studies, learning and career or personal decisions are not particulary difficult. In the realm of employment it is useful to gain awareness of the competitiveness of one's peers, the choices they make, the educational paths they select and the past orientation leading to their current successes and challenges. It is easier to gain perspective when viewing the world entire as possessing enough choices and opportunities for each to excell and succeed on one's own merits and motivation, environment, or energy. Also the collaborative element of gathering as many opinions, discussions, and context setting scenarios as possible as good to develop through the adage similar to, "talk to twenty people or more about every major decision."

However orientation to one's relative position in that mix of stranger and friend must keep a personal development orientation towards learning from past mistakes, seeking to maximize one's productivity in the present, attempting to live a quality-oriented life in tune with one's own sense of rightness, questioning considered generally accepted opinions only after one has explored their merits, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Finally maintaining flexibility to adapt, grow and creatively innovate one's life through slow or sudden change in perspective due to new credible information, advance in technology, or human awareness will prove useful.

Stan Rogers: One Warm Line

If such thoughts could be considered on a spiritual level which applies to business then a positive outlook is ever and always essential, an openness to change and challenge is an advantage and one is immersed in an awareness of one's place and position in time and space but one is also accumulating an ability to integrate learning with experience to measure goals, risk or reward, cost and benefit, through an evaluation of short, medium and long-term goals planning. Decisions should include as much relevant, specific, targetted and unbiased information as possible to successfully achieve one's own moments of levity, happiness, grace and love. If that is not positively spiritual I am not exactly sure what is. Making good decisions is all about maximizing the learning and planning in exploring of possible options and perhaps few verbalize or realize that each has their own star which might be the point of the search. Pope John Paul II said it well, "Follow Your Bliss."Now you have at least twenty more you need to hear from now?

UC Berkeley Director, Business and Management

Continuing Educator II
Director, Business and Management
$64,896-$74,484 Per Year
(Salary Dependent on Education and Experience)

The Department of Business and Management includes the business, management, and the International Diploma programs. The business and management programs provide the general public and Bay Area corporations with approximately 130 professional courses, certificate programs, contract training, seminars, workshops, institutes, and professional conferences in various fields including accounting, business administration and communication, economics, entrepreneurship, facilities management, finance, human resources, law, leadership and management, marketing, personal financial planning, and project management. Enrollments in the business and management programs total approximately 2,500 annually.

The International Diploma Program annually provides approximately 300 international students with professional education and training opportunities in all aspects of business and management, including five certificate programs and approximately 115 courses in business administration, finance, international business, marketing, and project management. The International Diploma Program’s internship program annually places approximately 140 international students in a wide variety of San Francisco Bay Area companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Students in the program also benefit from special seminars, site visits, guest lectures, and other instructional activities.

The Director of the Department of Business and Management reports to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of UC Berkeley Extension. S/he sets the strategic direction, leads a diverse full-time staff of approximately 13, and maintains the academic quality and sound financial management of the department.

The Director of the Department of Business and Management establishes, builds, and maintains excellent relations with UC Berkeley campus departments, professional organizations, corporations, and international agents. S/he invites these contacts to form advisory committees who assess evolving professional development needs and ensures that program content, curricula, and recruitment of instructors reflect UC Berkeley quality and campus strengths as well as coincide with economic development and industry trends. S/he ensures that the department is continually assessing new certificates, courses, and curricula; developing and implementing innovative curricula which anticipate the needs of the clients; and updating, refining, or phasing out curricula as needed. Once programs are developed, the Director of the Department of Business and Management is responsible for their day-to-day management and oversight. S/he directs the department to achieve long-term strategic planning goals, develops and monitors the annual budget, and oversees the financial management and growth of department portfolios in a fully self-supporting environment. The Director of the Department of Business and Management collaborates with the Communication and Marketing Services department to develop new markets both domestically and internationally and to determine effective marketing strategies for the programs. S/he collaborates with other internal academic and administrative departments and develops interdisciplinary programming where possible.

S/he ensures that the department maintains effective and streamlined procedures including following proper administrative guidelines and channels and remaining in compliance with federal immigration and Optional Practical Training regulations.

Required Qualifications:
The Candidate must possess a terminal degree (Ph.D. or M.B.A) in business, management, international business, international education, or related fields. S/he must have demonstrated experience in educational program assessment, development, implementation, and management and a demonstrated ability to achieve financial results in a highly competitive self-supporting environment. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in outreaching to academic and professional associations and corporations and in developing organizational collaborations. S/he must possess knowledge of supervisory and personnel management policies and practices including 2–3 years of experience in effectively leading, managing and supervising staff. The Candidate must have excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills to effectively and professionally interact, negotiate, mediate, and/or collaborate with diverse internal, university, external, and international populations using tact and diplomacy, resourcefulness, good judgment, understanding, cultural awareness, and persuasion. S/he must have the ability to organize staff structures and work processes within the context of the strategic goals of the department and the organization. S/he must have a demonstrated commitment to exceptional customer service to all constituencies (e.g., students, instructors, staff, and alumni). The Candidate must have a demonstrated ability to manage conflicting/competing priorities and multiple projects, and meet multiple deadlines.

Preferred Qualifications:
Teaching and private sector work experience. Proficiency in a foreign language. Experience living or working in an international setting. Knowledge of geography and cross-cultural nuances. Familiarity with English language proficiency measurements and current federal immigration and Optional Practical Training regulations. Experience working with international and/or business students regarding academic matters.

Hiring salary is dependent upon qualifications. The position is a non-Senate, annually renewable academic position starting in September 2007. EEO/AA

Occasional domestic and international travel required.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to: Job Code CE-B&M-Director, UC Berkeley Extension, Human Resources, 1995 University Ave., Suite 110, Berkeley, CA 94704-7000, or e-mail For further information or for more information, please call (510) 642-0169. Applications must be received by: August 28, 2007. AA/EOE

Branch Coordinator (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

We Need a Good Administrative Person
Branch Coordinator

KONE is a leading global supplier of elevators and escalators. In addition to manufacturing, the company provides comprehensive installation, modernization and maintenance services. The Canadian division has 16 branch offices in Canada, 1 of which is in Halifax.

Our Branch in Halifax is currently seeking a Branch Coordinator who provide administrative / clerical/ accounting support to the Branch in all areas of the business.

In addition you will interact on a regular basis with an established customer base thereby ensuring that they receive the highest level of service in the elevator industry.

The ideal candidate will have a university or college degree or relevant experience. We are looking for someone who can bring with them previous experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, customer service, payroll - all the skills you would need in running a small business / office.

Company Name: KONE Elevators and Escalators
Location: Halifax
Available: Immediately Full Time.
Posted: 7/16/2007

to learn more about KONE Elevators and Escalators.

Or, apply to this job
By Fax: to at (416)252-4954

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) needs motivated teachers

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) needs motivated teachers
Math and Science Teachers (Middle and High School)

● Salary incentive of $5,000 for qualified teachers
● Mentor teacher program
● Peer assistance review
● Teacher Training Academy
● Salary Point Credit classes
● Technology-related instructional classes
● Language Acquisition Programs

Apply today!

Math and Science Teachers
(Middle and High School)

As the nation’s second largest school district, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) needs motivated teachers to help us serve more than 700,000 students. Our diverse and culturally rich student population needs qualified, dedicated teachers in the high-need areas of Math and Science.

Live close enough to drive to the ocean, the mountains or the desert in Southern California, a place where great weather is the norm, not the exception.

You'll enjoy a district-paid benefits program that features paid life, health, dental, and vision insurance for yourself and your immediate family, paid holidays and sick time.

To apply today, send your resume, attached as a Word document, to: You can also apply online by visiting our employment page.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Rouaa Recruitment Agency

Rouaa Recruitment Agency, is a Lebanese services company specialized in the recruitment and headhunting of specialized professionals. Rouaa announces the available vacancies:

Saudi Arabia

Company: Leading Trading Establishment Company
Position: Sales & Marketing Manager
Qualification: Business Degree or Related
Experience: 5 Years of experience in Printing Press

Company: Big Factory for Iron Ornaments
Position: Sales Man & Sales Engineer
Qualification: High School & Engineering Degree
Experience: Fresh Graduated or experienced


Company: International Event Company
Position: Event Manager
Qualification: University Degree, Male or Female
Experience: 2-4 Years of experience in the field

United Arab Emirates

Company: Reputable Hospital
Position: 50 Nurses Staff
Qualification: Areas of Specialty:
1. Pediatrics
2. Psychiatry
3. Medical/Surgical
4. ICU
5. Burns
6. Neurology
7. Rehabilitation
8. Infusion Center / Infectious Disease Unit
Males & Females
Experience: Fresh or 2 years of experience

Company: Academic School
Position: English, Math & Physics Teachers
Qualification: BA, in the same field
Experience: 2-3 years in an advantage


Company: International Company has more than 100 Branches around the world, provider of marketing information, audience measurement, and business media products and services.
Position: Research Manager & Senior Research Executive
Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Experience: Up to 4-5 years quantitative research experience

If you are interested kindly send us your CV to:

Please refer our vacancy to your friends within your profession
Sorry for possible disturbance.