Monday, July 03, 2006

UTC Lesson at SBMS

Uncle Tom's Cabin Lesson may include:

1. Power Point Presentation
mhtml:!UncleTomsCabin_files/frame.htm(Copy and paste entire line including mhtml)

2. Slave Reward Images

Slave Sale Images

Questionnaire (Print)

3. Pre-reading (Online)
(Attached sketch of Harriet Beecher Stowe) (Print)

4. Character Log (Print)

5. Chapter IX (Most important chapter)

6. Slavery Debate Worksheet

Emancipation Debate Worksheet

7. The Victory and The Martyr Chapters

8. Songs: "Amazing Grace" and "When I Can Read My Title Clear"

Saqqarra & Abu Simbel

Holidays Past: Egypt 2001 (Giza and Saqqarra)

Holidays Past: Egypt 2001 (The Nile)

Holidays Past: Egypt 2001 (The Nile)