Friday, July 25, 2008

Export Scenario: Tires for Nigeria

Export Scenario: Tires for Nigeria

We may use the funnel process to provide for a general to specific approach to focus the results of research. Management have defined the objectives. There follow several questions to be answered regarding tires exports to Nigeria.

1. BASIC NEED: Is there a need for car tires in Nigeria? What level of reliability will our resources represent? How comprehensive are the data resources and are they comparable and cost effective? To what secondary and primary resources may we access?

2. MACRO-ECONOMICS: What are the macro-level conditions in Nigeria? Will this involve exploratory or descriptive research approaches or a blend of both?

3. PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL: What is the performance potential and industry attractiveness of car tires in Nigeria? What mix of qualitative versus quantitative data will provide an accurate picture of our chances of success?

4. ELIMINATE RISK OPTIONS: What low return/high risk options are there? What impact will a failure in tires trade with Nigeria have on the export company? Does our company have experience trading in central African nations?

5. TRADE STRATEGY: What specific requirements are needed for adoption and management of trade in Nigeria? Are there multiple levels of protectionism or freedom of entry? What impediments to successful trade can be anticipated?

6. ELIMINATE OPTIONS: Are there any unrealistic options relating to exports to Nigeria? For example, are ports of lading for example in operation or tied with fifty years worth of concrete imports, which would take twenty years to unload?

7. BUDGET AND TIMING: Finally estimate budget and time requirements and compare expected costs with anticipated value of research. Do the risks outweigh the rewards?

8. CONCLUSION: What is our conclusion? Is it an initial "go" or "no go" decision?

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