Thursday, August 28, 2008

A couple examples of product modification

First, Hyundai Motor Company has modified prices and warranty options on various domestic and international product lines for several decades usually to the benefit of foreign markets and buyers. The latest to receive global attention is its luxury segment model the new Hyundai Genesis, where prices in the US are so much lower than locally that Koreans have been privately importing the model back to Korea from US sales outlets at significant savings and benefits. At the same time, a decade or more ago Korean cars were often exported with coffee holders which remained designed for the Korean market able to hold a small dixie cup which is the local norm but useless to carafe-sized quaffing coffee drinkers in the west.

"S Koreans Reimport Hyundai Genesis From Cheaper US Market"

"The new Hyundai Genesis"

Second, a load of Hong Kong made and designed talking dolls were trans-shipped to the United States and as language components were designed for various nations, the load delivered in question actually included the Spanish modules which when activated elicited the message, "Quiero a Mami" which means "I love mommy" in Spanish but sounds a lot like, "Kill Mommy" in English.

"Blunders in International Business"

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