Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daejeon Animal Shelter to Hold Fundraiser in Seoul

Daejeon Animal Shelter to Hold Fundraiser in Seoul

By John Redmond
Contributing Writer

Musicians are gathering in Seoul to put on a fundraiser concert for Daejeon-based Animal Rescue Korea at 8 p.m. Friday at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon, Seoul.

Tim Vasudeva who has been working with a group called Animal Rescue Korea, with other volunteers, has been assisting an old lady in Daejeon who runs a private dog shelter that is being closed by the local council.

Tim said, `` When Animal Rescue Korea first started providing assistance to Mrs. Jung and her shelter, there were around 210 dogs living in her greenhouse.

``Since that time, we estimate a further 10 additional dogs have been dumped there and approximately 20 pups have been born to the dogs that hadn't been spayed when they arrived. We did a headcount on the weekend and there are now 89 dogs at the shelter, which means around 150 dogs have been either adopted or fostered by kind people who have taken the time to come down to Daejeon and save a life,'' he said.

This will be the second fundraiser volunteers of the animal welfare group have organized.

The last event was a great success, but the funds raised have since been spent on food and veterinary care for the shelter dogs and they find themselves again in need of financial assistance to feed and care for the dogs while they wait to find permanent homes.

Tim said, ``We would greatly appreciate your support. Even if you can only attend for a short time, it will help us save these dogs.

``Alternatively if you can't make it to the fundraiser but would like to donate to the dogs' care, please contact me and we can provide the account details for our vet in Daejeon who provides the dogs' veterinary care, so you can be sure the funds are going directly to the care of the dogs," Tim said.

``You can also donate directly, using the Paypal button on the home page of our web site," Tim added.

They currently only have until the end of June to find homes for the remaining dogs.

Tim stressed, ``If you or anyone you know is considering adopting or fostering a dog please do come down to the shelter on one of our weekly trips to Daejeon from Seoul every Saturday with our volunteers, adopters and fosterers.

``If you need any further information on the shelter, please refer to the below thread from the Animal Rescue Korea forum. We regularly post pictures from the weekly Saturday shelter visits, of dogs that have been adopted or fostered, videos from when we first visited the shelter and more recent videos.''

Anyone who would like more information about the shelter or adoptable dogs and cats, please contact Tim Vasudeva on

The fundraiser will feature bands such as The Forty Days, UR Seoul, Seth Martin, Zee and Dave Gwyther. The entrance fee is 10,000 won of which 100 percent goes back to the dog shelter. Raffle prizes include an iPod Nano.

To get to Rocky Mountain Tavern, leave Itaewon station, line 6, through exit 3 and walk toward the Itaewon fire station. Rocky Mountain Tavern is located at the top of the main street.

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