Friday, May 30, 2008

Rosewood Case Study: Winning Freight Forwarder Arguments

Rosewood Case Study: Winning Freight Forwarder Arguments

As a full-service freight forwarder Global Logistics International has provided clients with services which meet or exceed their expectations often taking over where other forwarders have failed to provide delay-free services. We know fully that we represent Rosewood's reputation internationally wherever we deliver their goods and provide a full-list of winning arguments to ensure superior quality service.

First: We are the closest.

Our nearest office is within a short distance of Rosewood's office we are just around the corner. We know the benefit of being nearby is that last minute documents, forms or merchandise are often rushed to our offices. It is nice to know this will not cost Rosewood much in the way travel time, or money spent on delivery services. We'' even have time to share a cup of tea or coffee. Service with a satisfying ritual: sealed with a slurp.

Second: We are well positioned all over Rosewood's import and export markets.

Our company also has several branch offices throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico and South America. In this way we are able to provide the lowest possible costs in terms of freight rates and easily tracked and traced delivery schedules which allows us to expedite Rosewood shipments through speed of technological transfer of information. This also minimizes any chance of lost merchandise in the shipping process.

Third: Our Full Services Leave Nothing to Chance.

We will keep Rosewood's costs down through the flexibility of our full-services in ocean freight, air freight, consolidation, banking and importing growth pontential even in Rosewood's Brazil sourcing plans. We will provide fully flexible permanent terms and maintain regular office hours and overnight staff for air freight cargo flights.

Fourth: We Never Leave a Customer Unsatisfied.

Finally we can provide a full list of satisfied customers should Rosewood seek confirmation that we are a quality service operator in an environment such as Mexico or South America where service can often be slowed through systemic delays. We handle emergency as well as non-routine shipments and our customers continue to benefit from premium service at a bargain basement cost for quality.

Fifth: We Are Professionals.

As members of CIFFA we meet national and international standards of service and push for continuous improvements to those standards. Our list of bank clients and contacts is increasing as quickly as our global reach. We have established membership in virtually every chamber of commerce through which we have expeditied our shipments, we are members in good standing of world trade associations, world trade centres, and provincial/state trade offices from the Arctic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego. Mention the name, "Global Logistics International" and you will be hard pressed to find any supplier or exporter in North or South America who has not dealt happily with us.

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