Sunday, January 11, 2009

Report: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Report: Alternative Dispute Resolution

ICC Dispute Resolution Library: Provides regular bulletins, supplements, dossiers, legal law reflections and global dispute resolution rules in a vast compendium of issues and local/global problems.

NAFTA Connect: Assists small businesses to search and find trade partners within the tripatriate treaty framework.

The World Trade Organization: Arbitrates global trade rules between member nations and is the largest of its kind in the world. Resources Gateway provides a host of periodicals, online library and bookshop as well as many free to download articles as well as distance learning modules, multimedia presentations and full trade terminology glossary.

US Canada Relations: The CBC provides an entertaining non-pc look at cartoons pertaining to Canada-US Trade Relations.

Dispute Settlement, DFAIT: A lengthy list of Canadian resolutions proving Canada's willingness to get along.

KCAB: The Korean Arbitration Act was passed in 1999 and the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board was founded in 1966.

Korea Law: Provides details regarding local arbitration procedures.

Not a website but a video clip of the most recent Korean Parliamentary Brawls to highlight local challenges to conflict resolution in handling the current economic crisis here.

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