Monday, March 10, 2008

Firefighters rescue hikers caught by sudden snowfall

Firefighters rescue hikers caught by sudden snowfall

Canning firefighters were kept busy a week ago Sunday, helping to locate hikers who got caught in a heavy snowfall on Cape Split.

Deputy Chief Scott Cruickshank said their department participated in the ground search and rescue effort under the direction of the RCMP. He said the two hikers were prepared for snow when they decided to go camping Saturday, but they weren’t expecting to encounter such drastic weather conditions. Forecasts didn’t reflect that the area would receive over a foot of snow.

Luckily, the hikers had a cell phone and were able to call for help. Firefighters dispatched their four-wheelers, but it was difficult navigating the walking trail due to the deep snow and the fact there were a lot of trees fallen across the path. Cruickshank said firefighters had to use chainsaws to clear their way and the rescue effort took about five hours.

Canning responded to several calls for medical assistance last week, including from Canning and Medford on Saturday, March 1; Medford on Tuesday, March 4; and Canning on Wednesday, March 5, Thursday, March 6 and Friday morning, March 7.

Canning firefighters responded to a chimney fire on the Pier Road, Kingsport, Sunday, March 2 and to a chimney fire on Pereau Road, Pereau, Thursday, March 6.

Apparently my friend Ashley was one of the hikers and just completed several series of survival training EMS type certifications.

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