Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seoul Steve's: February Wine of the Month Club

February Wine of the Month Club
February 3, 2008

If you have heard the phrase “Big Red” wine, but have wondered what it means, this is your chance to find out! These Big Red wines, or full bodied, heavy, dry wines are just what the name describes- big in taste and delicious!

As in previous months, we are offering this month’s selection at the special wholesale price! Normally, in order to get these prices you have to buy the wines by the case, but with this special offer you get the MIXED case, at an even deeper discount!

This offer is good for February only…

Chianti Colli Senesi-Marcobaldi Italy 20,150 X 2 bottles = 42,300 won.

This Chianti unfolds its full potential because of its rich in content and lasting in taste, full bodied with fervent, substantial tannins.Golden Grape Shiraz Cabernet Australia 20,800 X 2 bottles = 41,600 won A Felicitous Cuvee made out of Shiraz, which is responsible for the spicy and peppery scent and cabernet, which brings the body and lasting structure to this wine.

Grimont Cabernet Sauvignon S.Africa 22,100 X 2 bottles = 44,200 won This Cabernet is full and deep with a strong tannin structure. A powerful, nourishing and long lasting red wine.

Sangiovese Riserva Italy 22,100 X 2 bottles = 44,200 won The grapes for this sangiovese riserva also come from the

Romagna. It is a true classic of the region. The grapes for this red wine age in barrique oak barrels for one year and then again in the bottle.

Chateau Champs de Fleuret France 24,700 X 2 bottles = 49,400 won A unique and special

Bordeaux superior, the bouquet has a fruity character, black currants and green peppers combined with nuances of cocoa.

Supertuscan Rosso Badesco Italy 27,300 X 2 bottles = 54,600 won This wine has a brilliant ruby red colour. The nose teases with scents of fine red fruits paired with an elegant sweet aroma.

Special Mixed Case: Total Bottles = 1 case (12 bottles)

Total price: = 276,300

Special Discounted price = 250,000

Contact Pieroth Wines for more information or to send your request: 02-711-9171, service@pierothwines.co.kr. Or stop by the Kabinett Wine Bar located in Itaewon to pick up directly. Just ask for the “Seoulsteve’s Mixed Case”

Pickup your wines from Pieroth’s partners at the Kabinett Wine Bar in Itaewon and get the following extra benefits:

n Get a free glass of wine from the Wine by the Glass Menu

n AND enjoy any of the wines from your Seoulsteves Mixed Case that night at the wine bar with NO corkage!

Pay no additional charges and drink at the wholesale price! Offer only good on the day the wines are picked up.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel, thanks so much for the plug! We'll make sure you get an invitation to our next event, whenever it turns out to be...

By the way, with your international biz background, you'd probably be fascinated by some of the things going on in the Asian Cuban cigar trade right now. I have an extensive article I wrote about it, that I'll probably post tomorrow (I submitted it to the International Herald Tribune, but it's not looking likely that they'll publish it... I'll give 'em one more day, hehe).