Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Universities look into the future

Universities look into the future (BBC)

By Mike Baker

Will universities in the future still look like this?
The current funding crisis will transform Britain's universities by 2020.

University campuses will be unrecognisable.

The conventional image of today, which is still fondly perpetuated in the media, is already as antiquated as college scarves and sherry with the tutor.

The 18-year-old school leaver, living on campus, studying full-time for a purely academic, three-year undergraduate degree is fast becoming a minority species.

The current financial squeeze, which is set to continue for the next decade, will accelerate a transformation that has begun in many universities.

Already more than one in three students studies part-time and one in six is from overseas. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Commentary: If things look this bleak in the UK how much better can they be in Canada?

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