Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Canadian Dream Jobs: List # 1 (Santa Are You Reading?)

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A List of Canadian Dream Jobs: Santa Are You Reading?

I love my job. But sometimes I wonder where I would go at a moment's notice? If no then when my contract is finished. Somewhere I read Korea is sometimes described as, "a velvet ditch." I think it's better than that. I feel more priviledged than that. So I am making my Christmas Canadian Dream Job Wish List #1 somewhat early and something like this (again and again - Homage to Manuel Lopez.)

So I am willing to share this list just in case someone may be reading and wondering if I were anywhere but here, working, what would I choose to be doing? Perhaps you are in Canada contemplating any full time job rather than making your lists, continuously searching, or sending applications and waiting patiently. Some employers might tell you to line up when they start advertising like a good little leprechaun. Most people appear to do that anyway. This list is for you or the conventional.

Dan's Christmas Canadian Dream Job Wish List #1

1. Hong Kong. Interesting call for lecturers at HK Space in Suchow.
College Lecturers in China Mainland [RF: 2008/09-FT-307-CTOL]

2. Vietnam. Described as internal on the University of Queensland website but also actively posted on seek.com (minus the internal designation an infernal homage to keeping it all in the family?) Director of Studies - Based in Vietnam INSTITUTE OF CONTINUING & TESOL EDUCATION (ICTE)at The University of Danang.

3. Dubai. Murdoch University International Study Centre seeks lecturers for the Masters of Business Administration program. Lecturer – Master of Business Administration (Scroll down to #8).

4. Saskatoon. Operations Co-ordinator, International Transports at TAM International. "Candidates with limited experience but strong educational backgrounds in international business will also be considered." Their specialized commodities are nuclear fuels and wastes.

5. Lloydminster. Lakeland College, Alberta. They are looking for a term Instructor, Business Administration, Competition # 09-2301-003.

6. Qatar (Pronounced "Gutter.") College of the North Atlantic in Doha
has a position for Instructor, Business Studies (Marketing and Entrepreneurship)Competition Number: CNA-Q.PPD.BSME.09.59-CB

7. Fredricton. UNB has a position for a PROJECT MANAGER at The PLANETARY AND SPACE SCIENCE CENTRE, UNB FREDERICTON. Competition #003-08.09

8. Toronto. C.D. Howe Institute Seeks a Policy Analyst

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