Sunday, January 22, 2006

The salary that says 15,000 a year to your recruiter if you sign

05/25/05 Closes: Salary: 30K ~ 70K per annum
This is the salary range. For six months I told these people only 70K and do not revert for any less. They reverted and then refused to adjust...

My Company is looking for English language and English literature teachers to teach in Singapore.
Not saying for who.

Experience in teaching English language or literature is preferred. Salary commensuates with experience and qualifications.
I do not believe it. I am living proof it is not the case.

For those who do not know where Singapore is located. Singapore is a sunny island situated in South East Asia, just north of the equator, between the countries Malaysia and Indonesia.
That island without representative politics and the only method to complain about hiring or employer practices, many of which regulations government employers are excluded, is to submit a paid complaint stub at another government department. Note, you must be in employment already to complain about what these people pass off as good management. Could Switzerland be any better at passing the buck?

Why teach in Singapore? Singapore is a meritocratic society, without gender discrimination.
But certainly salary discrimination exists there for English teachers or the accountable methods of determining it.

We have an affordable world-class healthcare system.
Not on MOE English teacher contract salaries or benefits. What would 70 Singaporean dollars do at the dentist? One daub of imported fluoride?
High quality living,
Not on offered English teacher salaries. Told you could supplement your low salary with housing allowance. I think I would rather live in Mussafah.
we are clean,
I am sure MOE contracts officers flush repeatedly.
green and safe (low crime rates).
The only possible criminals might be the potential government agency employers and employees who break good faith arrangements before you even sign a contract?
Ease of communication as English is the language of administration and one of the official languages (we were a colony of Great Britain).

So far my questions were considered too complex. But I say...simple contracts= simple questions. The English Teacher Contracts Singapore Ministry of Education offers are poorly descriptive, and offer no insight to the position.

Inflation is comparatively low at 1.7% (2004), low taxation of between 0-22%, so you know you get to keep most of what you earn.

Not if you get screwed on salary offers from Singapore Ministry of Education.

Students in Singapore are typically well-disciplined, orderly and hardworking. The education environment here is one that encourages creativity, and fosters active particpation and disucssion.

Not about contract terms and conditions for English teachers.

Please email/post any questions you might have pertaining to Singapore or more details pertaining to the vacancies.

I did. I received nothing but the contract manipulations of liars and cheaters for Christmas.

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Smok Fin
Look Out! Here comes another recruitment agency looking to collect big fat commissions off of your white asses!
Shame on you MOE, Archway, and your Capitoline She-Wolf Recruiters!

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