Sunday, January 15, 2006

From the Cave: Not Lust Alone

Not Lust Alone

In my mind there is vision
A common needs wants and longings
Working for my way, walking my way
To rest my lusts upon
your bosoms plump blossoms.

What do I stir within your petals,
that causes your blood to muster
and troop to sponges and folds,
heat, and excitement.

Are you a winnow of passing
men and their belongings,
are you a patch of settled ground in my field,
are you a cast line set on bobbins,
is your neck of finest marbles
or merely cloaked
in a ring of marble spheres,

a chemical equation that spells me to completeness.
I want to touch my naked body to yours lusciously.
Your snugly shaped young body pressed to me.
Pressing into you, unquestionably passion with us two. No cold gray folds of fat. Yet.

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