Thursday, January 19, 2006

Part One: Singapore Contract Saga

Part One: Singapore Contract Saga

Here it begins. A story that needs to be told. From where shall I begin? And to which points shall my story serve? It is a pot of delicious taste which has been brewing for several months. What I have to say really depends on how it turns out in the next twenty-four hours.

I have done my searches, to which, I have found no complaints lodged against the recruiters and operators of contracts involved at Singapore Ministry of Education. However, it depends on what is decided in the next twenty-four hours or so. Up to this point I have been poked, prodded, maligned, underserved and treated fairly roughly . I still expect all to be forgiven and my contract stipulations met.

That would give this story a very happy ending for all concerned. Otherwise I will tell it like it is. I am in the unique position of sharing a full accounting of my experience to date. It has beautiful facets.

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