Sunday, January 15, 2006

In the Cave: In Canada

IN CANADA, is it not just as easy, to step, even merely on someone’s nails, as it is to be born in a minefield? Or are our traps our ghosts, our open agendas cloud the landscape? In your description of country, I thought you were speaking of downtown Toronto. For sure I thought Ottawa was the brigands.

Who sent a Canadian patrol to a suicide bomber? If we each paid one of Afghani the same, to just walk around in a three-legged race all the time. Each with one Canadian, some of the Afghanis might get the joke. They are jokers at heart. They take the money. Donations types of money, hording it, they fix the prices. What could they do with gold? They are all really, pretty good metal carvers. It’s a sad reality that we do not recognize the world, as it is, then forge our challenges to particular structures of injustices.

They were fighting the enemy of- you’re not paying us enough, to put the baby to bed. We do it your way and we have nothing left over. To invest, Afghanis are great investors. They love group projects. It builds faith and goodwill. How else do twelve or fifteen tribes live together in those hills? Consider the tribes bargaining units. A bunch of serious yodelers, all trying to demand prime attention posthaste, was it not as in the days of the Turks? Consider the gift giving of the tombs of the Nile. This was the true empire of olden days, grantee times, business is a Middle Asian pleasure. Each military unit should be a business cooperative. Afghanis love p/x type stores. You should see them in the markets of the Gulf. And the Iranians themselves remain wonderful dhow smugglers.

There are sometimes days, when a dhow may depart with fully more cars upon its deck, than could be conceived with the eye as not to capsize. They still speak of ancient gods, upon the seas, even though they are followers of Mohammed. The sea cow still lives with some quantities, with some of the largest plateau shoals of the choicest of sedges for the gustatory and necessary delights. The turtle, the green turtle, remains a frequent visitor among the eastern Omani coastlines, a few new species of skinks, and rare crab have been protected in wildlife reserves of the Khor Faccans, the new palm islands developments may be able to offer research area for coral plantation beds, it really depends on mimicking current, salinity, and particulate zooplanktons, temperature. It is a heat sink, high degree of phosphorescence. I understand that there is new chemical agent phosphorescence. Has anyone ever measured the electrical carrying capacity of phosphorescence? What are the effects of starlight versus artificial light upon its growth? To return I would choose a roof top piazza, totally enclosed, with a hot-tub, a garden, and exterior stereo, the music never bothered my neighbors before.

Favour and advantage in a particular commodity, at hugely discounted prices, but prices none the less. You cannot market an economy in a dustbin country, unless there is partial payments, secured bank credits, these are the kinds of facilities of which military occupations should protract themselves. This is the glory of the gulf. Local military is always the steadiest employer. The example of the military successes of the Pakistani alliance of tribes is one beacon of that particular nation. To invest responsibility and officer positions in the national militaries of Iraq and Afghanistan could have prevented those nations from dissolving countless times. Regardless of who was in charge. It is a pity that such a fair and equitable arrangement had not been maintained in the hills for nearly fifty years. Such arrangements empower local business contracts serving military outposts, training, housing, and occupational incomes, with pension benefits and retirement savings for the local communities. Let the NGOs fight their battles in the corporate board rooms of every continent.

This way, locals get to keep their guns. And put them to government use. Tribal societies are little more than peasant farmer fighters, the most dangerous of them all. They generally only fight when there is no room for or alternative arrangements to secure peace. Local communities making decisions based upon accountability involve respect for the terms of such agreements because they were made based upon local needs assessments. If Kabul is the stem, then the branches need to be redefined. They are illusionary at the best of times. Even the Raj era outpost soldiers knew the transience of the rule of law in undemarcated border zones. Three of the world’s great powers, and two accidental ones ring this zone of upheaval. As well as various caustic, dictatorial nations.

As these were the cradles of Asia, or most Asian religions, the media of the spice routes, should be provisioned with commodities market facilities. Porting to be constructed in Karachi, or some Pathan Area. The Pathans, and the Belucchis themselves being ferocious and loyal truck drivers and facilities managers, among many neighbouring countries, with excellent English skills would you call it, “French Foreign Legion- Middle Eastern Method?” Labour is cheap in these countries and rudimentary. Remember who completed the Aswan Dam Project, even to bankruptcy. At least improvements were once made according to competition rules. And I met few Afghanis that even knew Canada was a country; they had just assumed it was a part of America. That was the one time I was offered a free cab-ride. Must have been a vital bit of information that they didn’t have yet?

The Pakistanis must be force fed at the highest level, to submit to true and necessary needs assessments, on particular developments, case by case, with disbursements records, and resource-source supply. There could be world-wide markets for the quality of fruit and produce that Pakistan produces. If shipments can not be met and made for relief work, although port calls on containers to Dubai are a mere nine days.
Surely the hills of Afghanistan do not also require such a carrying distance?
For such trade, Indians would furnish good contractors, a sort of interactive chain of influence, which could be woven, macramé style, around the horn of Pakistan and the hills. Some support for the traditional nomadic routes must be preserved. Afghans are like cats, and do not like to be herded. Each one is like a herdsman himself. Imagine a road route dedicated to trucks alone. With border checks, outpost patrol employment, a highway for fresh produce, building materials, base commodities. It would have to go from Rajasthan, straight through to Yemen to the UN Sanctioned historical sites. The oil barons have had such plans for years anyway. But enjoy investing in free market networks.

They were once all sailors among them, on the sands, or the sea, where once having seen a flamingo fly, defying all gravity, the horned serpent’s trails on the singing vales, the wee whiskey mouse, buffeting its way through the wind and the drift. Bogging down in grade, a fox dens hole, near ponds of sweet water, the sparrows and doves wheel about in the green splendor of the oasis, and the starry night pervades all of the sky above, the camels clamour on stone, echoing on the trail, the bells, a tent billows like sails, the fires dance, the night creatures emerge, the day is a siesta, from heat to chill, does a desert grow. Mist visits and mint tea, salsa, mulled wines, and Napoleon brandy. A servant plays the role; a coffee server guards the pot.
Not scary, just cold. Then think of the Azeris sitting amongst the volcanoes. Their coastlines are littered with oil derricks and rusting Russian warships. Noble and Shell started their empires there, and had run away to dig another day. The local Shirvans then were sitting around wondering who would get them first, the Nazis or the Russians. Some were stolid negotiators. Others rode down the marble staircases, or palaces, to strike the communists who would dare to enter, to serve a warrant upon business and properties. Like the wildcat, emerging from the source of his good fortunes, a worker, enjoying the off-season. Wonder what SNG Lavalin pays their workers? I would consider to be one, but only if it is a contract by contract.

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