Thursday, March 07, 2013

Review of

Review of

I did put my details on that website and I have to say they are some of the lowest, that dog won't bark jobs I've ever seen. My minimum to work in China? Full expatriate package, 30,000 RMB a month, minimum. 

Please tell somebody I don't teach kinder or cram school, or live in dorm studios, siphon water out of a communal well, listen to the wind whistle through cracks in the walls or warm myself over a charcoal briquette in the middle of the floor. And my mattress is not a deboned and brined wild boar.

When I see a job that meets my minimum standards please tell the Chinese I'll happily take it. But  if you think I'll be recruited by some part-time 18 year old lamb you're fooling yourselves. 

That's my general impression of your site. 

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