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Bleum: An American Owned Company?

Bleum: An American Owned Company?

Dear Ms. Liu:

I have already applied for this position through linkedin and connected with Leo Lin.
Your job description said nothing about a preference for British accents. 

I would not have applied had I known that. What a horrid policy for an aspiring global company.

I find that morally and ethically insulting and from a business perspective, a great example of 
extremely poor hiring practices. Would it be possible for you to give a worse first impression 
of your company? I would not recommend your position to ANY business English teaching 
professional in the world based on this response. 

As I am accustomed to working and studying with professionals, these routinely include native 
English speakers from any western nation among the teaching staff; based upon merit if their 
skills and experience meet the task. I would encourage your business to review such a rude 
disrespect to its highly qualified candidates.

Is it a generational difference or do you routinely employ British people who share this attitude 
as well? How unfortunate. 

Best regards,

Daniel J. Costello

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On 2013-03-06, at 6:08 AM, Serina Liu <> wrote:
Dear Daniel Joseph Costello,
This is Serina from Bleum Recruiting team. Now we need a full time British English Trainer for my company. We prefer British Accent. The job description is as below. Pls feel free to let me know if your British friendsare interested in. Look forward to your reply. Let’s keep in touch by email or celll phone. Have a nice day!
Corporate English Language Trainer (In-house) Full Time
Bleum Downtown Shanghai (Shanghai City, China)
Job Description
 Will be responsible to improve employees’ English capability by delivering English and communication related training, conducting English assessment, providing customized L&D solutions

 Design, develop and deliver in-house English language, cultural awareness, and business communication courses.
Work with ODC (offshore development center) to understand their specific needs, and come up with and implement customized L&D solutions for their English improvement
Deliver 15-20 hours a week.
Evaluate training and maintain high quality of training
Provide coaching to staff to guide their English improvement.
Conduct English language assessments.
Provide guidance to support other team organizing English Salon
Identify useful words and phrases to be posted on the Intranet on a regular basis
Act as role model to promote Bleum culture—English only, security, professional dress code.

Desired Skills & Experience
 Sound training design and deliver capability
Mature interpersonal skill
Excellent communication capability
Team player

Bachelor degree or above
Experience of teaching business English to adults
3 years or above English training experience to intermediate/advanced learners
Company Description:
Founded in 2001, Bleum is now one of China's leading IT services providers to American and European companies in a variety of sectors including high-tech, financial services, telecommunications, and retail. We specialize in creating global development centers, providing services such as application development, product development, support and maintenance, testing, and legacy system modernization. Our relentless focus on quality has earned us prestigious ISO27001 and CMMI Level 5 certifications and a leadership position as one of China's premier outsourcing partners. Bleum, American owned and managed, understands the language, business culture, and expectations of western-based IT organizations. We focus solely on clients in the U.S. and Europe, so our entire organization is completely aligned with executing a global delivery model. We maintain an "English Only" policy throughout our organization along with highly trained English teachers who are constantly enhancing our ongoing English curriculum. Most importantly, we adhere to Western business ethics and standards. As a result of these factors, project communications with our European and American clients are straight-forward, concise, and far superior to most outsourcing partners. Moreover, Bleum employs some of the smartest and most capable people in the industry.

Best Regards
Serina Liu

 Bleum Incorporated

Serina Liu
Sr. Recruiter                                               
Tel: 86-21-62821122 X 413             
Cloud-9 Mansion 8F
1118 West Yan'an Road.
Shanghai, P.R.C. 200052

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