Friday, March 29, 2013

My Beef with Grant Thornton

My Beef with Grant Thornton

To whom it may concern:

Considering the last time I applied with your organization, I didn't even receive a closing of competition response from you folks. Your performance exudes worst practices.

Then I receive an automated computer message highlighting the same job that I applied for months ago and again there's no human resource contact person to address my cover letter to? I flip my French calfskin glove in your general direction. 

What in your organizational hiring policy and practice defines innovation? In my mind, it's not computer programs, it's about attracting talent. Since I consider myself talent you've done an excellent job of presenting your company as a nameless, faceless, listless, witless, and lacking in accountability organization. 

I'm sure you'll agree, until someone picks up the phone, and dials a few precious numbers, your service is incomplete. And you can be sure it's not going to be me picking up the phone, as I have no human contact to assure a living being has even reviewed my cv, let alone deemed it insufficient of further interest. You'll also agree I would be a fool to apply to a company like that again that has treated my previous application with so little regard, respect or levity for trying to navigate the maze of your hiring process. Leave it up to the drones. 

Put that in your innovation pipe and smoke it. My impression of your company is, so far, not high on my list of potential employers, if only because there's a complete lack of accountability at recruitment level. But you have such great automated computer programs to make up for it? I don't think so, not even close.

Good luck in hiring or acquiring committed talent with such minimal effort endeavours in your HR department.


Daniel J. Costello

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