Monday, February 23, 2009

International students plan to leave Canada en masse


THE CANADIAN Universities will soon lose their CAD 5,000, 000 every semester on account of imminent fleeing of most of the Indian International Students from Canada. There are at least 5000 international students coming to Canadian universities every year. Every international student pays at least CAD 5000 to 6000 every semester on an average.

Canadian Foreign Office in league with Visa issuing authorities is inflicting recurring insensitivities and injustices upon the International Students in Canada.

It has come to light from reliable sources that international students joining four and five years professional and academic undergraduate and post-graduate courses are charged about seven times fees in comparison to the normal fee structure.

Commentary: Despite these claims of fleeing what are these reliable sources?

Even those students -- who are pursuing four to five years courses – are being offered single entry visa only.

That tantamounts to keeping such students, as it were, away from their parents for three to four years. What a great injustice, harassment and emotional exploitation it is. This, indeed, is gross violation of fundamental human rights. And lo! All this is happening in a free and democratic country like Canada. In view of apparently authoritarian rules of issuing Visa, several international students are being ipso facto ‘legally’ forced not to leave Canada until they complete their concerned degree/diploma course. Is this not a brutal instance of ‘forced legal confinement’ of international students?

Commentary: It depends. Perhaps there is a multiple re-entry visa which costs more money?

Canada is in the need of vast human resources. However, such an inhuman Visa policy is likely to render Canada merely into an icy desert with utter dearth of needed human resources in future.

Commentary: This could be an extreme depiction of icy dessert like a Mcflurry. However Canada has a problem retaining a lot of its own citizens regardless of the plight frigidly nipped Indian students.

In addition to this, Canada is going to lose nearly several million Canadian dollars – every six months -- as a result of likely mass exodus of its international students.

Commentary: Canada is by all measures losing global market share due to lack of federal oversight or national standards accreditation particularly in comparison to provincially administrated educational programs.

The current Canadian Visa policy is thus extremely harmful for a country like Canada for it needs lots of skilled and unskilled population Otherwise, portents are as clear as ‘writing on the wall’.

Commentary: As Canadians mix portents I hope in relation to markets in Asia they may realize proximity to market is not necessarily Australia's greatest advantage. Willingness to engage and perform in those markets or market presence are much more likely factors of success.

Canada must learn to be non-exploitative and more broad minded if it has to prosper into the 21st century.

Commentary: Bully! Also note larger unit volumes of foreign students might lower single unit handling costs and increase educational delivery efficiency and global effectiveness. As a result per unit tuition costs might possibly be lowered.

“International students in Canada are proving to be of great value to its national polity and economy. Hence, such emotional atrocities must not be inflicted upon them under any pretext,” is a general opinion of the concerned students’ community in Canada.

It is a serious matter and as such, must be taken up by the Foreign Office in the right spirit.

Commentary: Please encourage Canada's foreign office to learn from and study the successful Australian model.

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