Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recommended internet resources

Internet Sources

First, I recommend FITA (Federation of International Trade Associations) as a starting point for evaluating resources globally in it claims links to 8,000 international trade (export import) related websites.

FITA (The Federation of International Trade Associations) is described as having 450 association members and 450,000 linked company members engaged in promotion of international trade, import-export,
international logistics management, international finance and more.

Especially good is the export/import trade leads portal which provides a broad view of possible products available with different distributors and suppliers. However I do not recommend the contact server as it has not worked well in the past.

Secondly, I have always appreciated eclectic global news resources and trust kwintessential consulting in the UK as they provide accurate country culture profiles and the scope and breadth of their archived news is simply unparalleled in my experience. They also sell research. However they often have information I would not find anywhere else and add the human element to internet sources.

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