Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MSMW Case Study: Outsourcing Options

MSMW Case Study: Outsourcing Options

Logistics & Transportation: In agreement with glazopoulos! However I believe MSMW has the opportunity to develop new packaging outsourcing to suit possible luxury water products markets and therefore might seek to update its current local product selection accordingly as well. This would effect new needs in logistics and transportation beyond generic plastic PET bottles. For example, Sleever International, a premium product design and packaging company helped Icelandic Glacial develop an award winning design which raised its global profile winning the Bottled Water Design Awards in 2005 for “best overall concept” and “best label”,not only for Icelandic Glacial but also for Blu a “PET Bottle design award” for the Oasis Water Company.

Therefore I would add labelling and packaging to possible outsourced facets of MSMW's export strategy.

Sales & Marketing: MSMW needs a kick-ass luxury water product to showcase its web promotion and concept online, we need an online presence and we need banish all PETs from our global product image! No bisphenyl A here! No sir! I concur with glazopoulos! Furthermore if luxury products are on the menu I would recommend taking a look over FineWaters Media, LLC "FineWaters is an independent online publication dedicated to selecting, drinking and enjoying fine bottled water. With a keen attention to the epicurean life, FineWaters provides information on the products, places, events and passion that define fine living. " as a hint of the scope and opportunities which exist in rebranding MSMW as a luxury internationally. Much perspective may be gained by observing many of Canada's local PET representatives which already appear to shimmer in the discount bin category.

So far no one has marketed the beaver angle yet! Who do you think has spent centuries quietly paddling around Maple Springs? Icelandic beauty queens?

Distribution: Let's be careful who markets this product. It needs to share shelf space with the best and no less. Where do we want this water to be served? In economy class or first class? Global distributors abound in the luxury market. However I would recommend learning from export distributors and outsourcing externally and developing a domestic distribution of luxury water in house from what is learned from the export experience. Some examples exist where Canadian luxury water exporters do not even retail their products in the country.

Dutch distribution

US distribution

UK distribution

New Zealand

Yes, we need to import some serious bling. World's most expensive waters, move over.


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