Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is Laughable: Message for UK or British based recruiters

Message for UK or British based recruiters: As you will see from my background and c.v. my experience spans fifteen years in Asia and The Middle East. I have spent the past eight years conducting pure research in international business management and am graduate qualified in cross-cultural management. 

So kindly refrain from forwarding these kinds of offers. For example, do not describe 45,000 USD as an excellent salary for Saudi Arabia. It's not. I know its not. How could it be when 50,000 a year was the bottom end of salaries in The UAE a dozen years ago? Or another example, claiming a salary of 7,000 USD a month is inclusive of benefits where the salary is actually 5500 USD a month? 

For some reason, UK and British recruiters have a tendency to misrepresent the salary offer in their advertisements for MENA based positions. Perhaps it is a cultural difference. As I have been recruited by numerous American agencies in the past, this misrepresentation of salary with benefits has never been an issue with US based recruiters. 

Recommendation: Seek to practice your recruitment role with intellectual honesty and Canadians will be more likely to work with you. For example, I am more than willing to negotiate to gain a desirable Saudi-based position, if the contract, benefits and salary are reasonable. After fifteen years in my industry, I certainly know my business. So let's not play any games. 

Your offers are so far below what I would require to go sit in the desert without a drop of whiskey it is laughable.

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