Thursday, May 10, 2012

International Business Manager, Advisor or Instructor Job Search

International Business Manager, Advisor or Instructor 

Job Search 

Looking for work and fairly too busy to post any thing lately. Competition is strong and so far roles I have reached interviews stage for this round since March read like a laundry list at a fine tailor shop.

  • Online Marketing Program Leader and Accreditor, Sheridan Technical Center, Hollywood, Florida
  • Regional Sales Manager, Khuene and Nagel, Halifax
  • Director of International Studies, The University of Washington in Seattle
  • Director of Educational Quality Assessment, British Columbia Centre for International Education (BCCIE) in Vancouver
  • Business and Communications Assistant Professor, Culverhouse College, The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa
  • Policy and Communications Summer Position, Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC), Ottawa
So many are seeing more than a teacher in me and my cover-letter and curriculum vitae. They are right to. I am an international trade specialist useful for strategic planning and/or communications training specialist? 

Check out my online CV 

Job search sites I like:


* Every provincial government site. 


* All useful for local and international searches

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