Monday, June 08, 2009

South Koreans arrested in raids of sushi eateries

South Koreans arrested in raids of sushi eateries

AN undercover sting operation at two Winnipeg sushi restaurants has ended with a series of lunch-hour raids and the arrests of two South Korean immigrants allegedly brought to Canada to work illegally, the Free Press has learned.

More than 20 members of the Canada Border Services Agency criminal investigations division executed search warrants Wednesday afternoon on Kenko Niwa and Keno Sushi, which are both located on Corydon Avenue.

A month-long probe caught Myoung Chae, 40, and Hee Ju Park, 35, on surveillance video performing a variety of duties inside the two restaurants, including cooking and cleaning. Both men had flown to Canada in March on the pretext of visiting family members who have Canadian residency. They did not have work permits and now face charges under the Immigration and Refugee Act.

Investigators found Park hiding in the basement bathroom of one of the restaurants. Chae was caught trying to run away from the Donald Street apartment he shared with Park. The single-bedroom suite had no bed, furniture or food and both men were apparently sleeping on the floor, according to court documents.

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Cojosco said...

No bed? In Winnipeg?

Daniel Costello said...

Actually I think Koreans usually sleep on the floor. No bed would be normal for them?