Friday, January 23, 2009

Korean intellectual property laws?

Would Korean intellectual property laws provide examples of weak trademark protection enforcement?

Two examples come to mind, the first "Donald Donuts" often sold on the street in market stalls directly across from "Dunkin' Donuts" stores in boxes of identical colours as well as letter shapes and sizes. The second is "KikKer" a locally produced clone of Nestle's "KitKat."

In the mid-nineties it was estimated that about 70% of all computer operating systems in Korea were Microsoft copies. These were described as pathways for wide dispersals of worms, viruses and other malignant hacker codes world-wide.

At one point I remember reading Microsoft had discontinued sales in China due to widespread counterfeiting. When did they begin selling there again?

Also recently Warner Brothers has ceased DVD distribution in Korea due to rampant piracy.

"Warner Bros. Closes Korean Home Video Biz"

Any ideas on how entertainment industries can enforce trademark protection globally?

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