Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A little halloween fun

[Received from Lori]
A little halloween fun to cut and paste.
[Sent to Lori]
Dear Lori:

Yet another snub to English Majors and Yorick's skull? An appropriate game for us teachers hanging around S.Korea though.

Wish some Lebanese-hyphenated and loud Canadians moved over here for the next little while. There are only about 7000-8000 Canadians here about 30% of them legally. At last count we will not be hitching any rides with the US military. We are like Mexican migrants to them somehow.

On a more sombre note, ugh, midterm exams are coming around again, always too soon. I love dithering over exams so! So they blew up a hole in a mountain; big deal. Please note in the event of imminent attack I will fry up like a pork steak - send some cannibals with seasoning - it will be a great roast.

I guess I would rather that then crawling around the Seoul subways which already are quite stinky by the way. My fried ghost will gloat over the fact that the fall-out will blow right back in their faces.

Staying until the end of my contract and I will not leave unless forced out by the blast shockwaves. CNN really meatens up the bone - I am sick of the news reporting that passes for credible it sticks in my craw.

Cheers, Danny

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