Friday, November 25, 2005

Remember this is "The Art of..."

The Art of Love
Ovid, Michie, James (Translator), Malouf, David (Introduction by)

Remember this is "The Art of..."

Love? Well this book is all about how to get shagged, the ins and outs, and Ovid got into a spot of trouble making allusions to Caesar's favourite dedicated promenades as being ideal locations for picking up babes.

Add that to Augustus's penchant for banishing his in-laws and relatives for infidelities, and well, this book got Ovid exiled to The Black Sea.

That said, feminists might have a few objections to the proported timelessness of this work.

Instead of dedicating himself to getting into Augustinian good graces (he could not return to Rome until Caesar Augustus was dead and buried) it was more like he was explaining how easy it was to get into the pants of Augustinian blood-relatives, just not a good idea at that time anyway, in Rome.

However it took several years for Augustus to catch on and tag him out. He must have been pretty busy chasing down non-puritans in his own family.

In the meantime Ovid had attained some fame and glory for his audacity even though he claimed he never intended such allusions.

This book is handy, brief, and supple with full Latin text and a rhyming translation.

I just wish I knew a little more Latin.

I have a feeling full knowledge of Latin would give full impact of the naughty genius of this text which is attested to by the scholars anyway.

Then maybe I could put the lessons to work most effectively?

Then I could write a true testimonial to Ovid's genius?

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